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Friday, September 22, 2017

I Knew You Were Trouble By: Kay Blake Release Blitz

Title: I Knew You Were Trouble

Author: Kay Blake

Genre: Interracial Romance/Contemporary Romance

Cover Designed by M.J. Oz 

Amazon Link:



He seemed to be nothing but trouble.

Ally had something to prove. She wanted a new start. So, she took a job across the country to be the personal photographer to this up and coming rock band called Runnin on E. What she didn’t expect was to be captivated by the lead singer of the band Ethan Avery. Ethan’s blond hair, blue eyes and a voice that can melt the panties off of any woman spelled trouble. Big trouble. And after what she left behind she couldn’t afford any more.

But sometimes temptation is just too hard to resist.

Music was my only solace until I met her.

From the outside looking in, Ethan has everything. He’s the lead singer of the new rock band Runnin on E’. He has devastating good looks and women. Lots of women. But Ethan has his demons. He hides them behind the lyrics of his songs. New found fame is nice, but Ethan wants something more. He wants someone who knows there’s more to him than what meets the eye. And that someone is Ally. She’s beautiful. She’s different. She sees him. All of him. And now he wants her more than he’s ever wanted anything.

Can he leave his past demons behind and have the future he never thought he deserved?  

Plopping down on his bed, he patted the section next to him.
“You can sit on the bed next to me if you want. I promise I won’t bite. Unless you want me too,” he said baring his sparkling ultra-white teeth.
“Or you can sit over there if that makes you more comfortable.”
“I can handle myself,” I said my tone trying to be convincing even though I still hesitated.
It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle myself because I could. It was more so of that fact that I didn’t like the way he made me question myself. I never questioned what I did, how I looked, but for him I did. I didn’t understand why, and it was getting on my nerves.
What was worse was in my head all I could see was that he was the kind of guy who left miles of broken hearts, but I wasn’t even sure of that. Those were my assumptions of what I thought guys in bands were. Me giving the benefit of the doubt was hard after Amanda’s boyfriend. Nevertheless I wanted to know more about the blue eyed, blonde whose voice sounded like magic.

Author Bio:

Kay writes sassy, sexy and sweet contemporary and interracial romance. She is from arguably the greatest city in the world. (New York). She is a sarcastic sweetheart who prefers snuggling at home with a good book. Kay is a mom of 3 cubs and a wife. Kay indulges in strawberry cheesecake, horror movies, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, wrestling and of course a happily ever after.

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Mated in Treason

Happy Thursday Naughty Romance Readers.

Have you read Mated in Treason yet? It's the first book in my Kan Asma Vampires series and it has everything you'd love in a Paranormal Romance:

  • It has fangs. 
  • Biting. 
  • Romance with scorching hot passion. 
 But don't take my word for it.....look what reviewers have to say:

 Mated in Treason: *This Year’s Most Exciting New Vampire Series*

 *Top Paranormal Romance Recommended Reads* (Totally Booked)

 "Completely UNPUTDOWNABLE. I inhaled this book within a day of opening the first page. " 5/5 Stars-Emerald Book Reviews

“A vampire romance with bite and passionate heat...It is a romance tale as old as time with a modern and sexy paranormal twist.” Totally Booked.

 **5 OUT OF 5 STARS** "Page turner!! Keeps your attention!! From the very beginning I was hooked.The story line grabbed my attention and never left me behind. The characters are easy to relate to and fall in love with. Your emotions will be tested as you follow them through a journey of forbidden love." Marisa from LizzyBlack Reviews 

The door swung open and he stood in the threshold. Strong and intense, her essence called to him on an elemental level. “Nadia.” His voice gruff, he said her name on a mere growl around long fangs that pricked his lower lip.
Surprise lined her forehead, her eyes narrowed, and breath wrenched from her chest. She stood from her chair and swiped the back of her hand across her cheek. Red tinged her eyes. Moisture tracked from the corners and spilled down her cheeks. Misery hit him square in the chest like a dull, rusty blade. Needing privacy, he shut the door and locked the deadbolt. “Why are you crying?”
She shook her head. The long length of her ponytail fell over her shoulder as she glanced away from him. Her eyes lost focus and she stared at the dingy wooden cabinets hanging from the far wall.
“Tell me, kjaere.” Gunnar pressed his lips together. Great, now he was using terms of endearment in his mother’s native tongue. He really had lost his frickin’ mind. Crossing her arms about her, she shivered as if cold but the temperature in the room was tepid and controlled. “Nadia, let me help.”
With a loud exhalation, she threw her arms up in apparent frustration. Then, she propped her hands on her hips and paced the short length of the room. “You can’t.” She swiped away another tear. “No one can.”
“Did Izak do this?” he spat, needing to understand. God please don’t let it be about that sentinel playboy. “Or Andros?” Either way he had to be prepared for her reply.
“He told me I could have something impossible. Something I want so much.”
Gunnar steeled his composure, flexing his muscles and gritting his jaw. “Who,” he prompted. Inside he quaked with possessiveness and aggression. Get a grip on yourself, idiot.
A short nervous exhalation followed as she turned and faced him. “Andros.”
One step brought him closer, just to the edge of the oblong table sitting in the middle of the room. He leaned into his palm, the cool wood of the table helped to keep him from losing his temper right there. “What did he say, Nadia? Tell me. Maybe I can make it happen.”
She shook her head again and the tip of her tongue slid out, moistening her lips in a long sweep. The tips of her blunt, white teeth chewed on the corner of her mouth. She turned those soulful eyes on him. “I want—” Her breath faltered and her chest rose with a tense inhalation. Twisting the hem of her shirt in her fingers, she focused on the wall behind him, breaking off their connection.
Time stilled as her lips parted and closed again. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “You.” She pushed into his mind, and he could feel her apprehension, fear, and overwhelming need.
He closed the distance between them, grabbed her face with both his hands, ignoring the metal on his arm. Sliding his fingers along her jaw, he cupped the nape of her neck and pulled her forward. He bent his head, stopped fighting against everything he knew he wasn’t supposed to do, and gave into everything he wanted.

 Available everywhere
Available everywhere

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Cosmic Cabaret 13 Tuesday Teases in One

Yeah! This month for my Tuesday tease I have 13 teases from the Cosmic Cabaret anthology.

Not heard of it yet? Well, you're in for a treat.

Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space

Come aboard Blue Star line’s crown jewel, the LS Quantum, a luxury starship traveling through space and time. You’ll meet princes and star sultans, solve a murder, track a thief, plan the ultimate jewel heist, and encounter futuristic rock stars on the lam, cirque stars who want the quiet life, and dancers who want fame.

Join thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, and award-winning speculative fiction romance authors as they twist their own tales on the decks and in the dance halls of LS Quantum. Embark on a journey to fall in love at the Cosmic Cabaret.

Read the first chapter of all 13 novellas in Cosmic Cabaret.

One Small Step First Chapters

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RWBB Love Amid Hurricane Harvey

Hey there, y'all. As some of you may already know, I live right outside Houston, TX. Recently Hurricane Harvey came through and really did a number on the area, and my neighborhood was not spared.

We went to sleep around 1:30am on Sunday morning (party next door), and when my husband woke me up at 8am, water was in the house. I quickly put anything I deemed important up as high as I could, threw a few handfuls of clothes into a bag, grabbed the girls and got out.

We walked into our front yard into chest deep water and began to make our way to the front of the neighborhood to a friend's house where the water hadn't gotten as high. We stayed there while my husband went back to get our dogs. And yes... that's our scardy cat German Shepherd slung over his shoulder!

The water was too deep at that point to get the kids (3 and 6) all the way to the front by simply walking, so we waited until my parents could figure something out. Finally my dad and a family friend came to the rescue with a flat bottom boat. And let me tell you...pushing your kids in a boat through the river that is now your neighborhood is something I can't even begin to describe.

It's been surreal since then, to say the least. While we're very aware how blessed we are to have made it out safely and have family to stay with, it's also heartbreaking to see everything we owned swept away and destroyed. We didn't have riches by any means, but we've worked hard for what we did have, and while stuff can be replaced, there were a few items that simply can't be.

Although we did try to keep our humor through as much of this as we could. Notice the way my husband arranged my poor scarecrows after the water finally receded and we began to demo the house. LOL

BUT...through all the madness and heartache, what has truly touched me the most is the amazing support we've received from my fellow RWBB authors, most of whom I've never even met face to face.

There's something to be said about not only having incredible talent, which they all do, but to also have an open and generous heart. Their kindness has made me smile during an incredibly difficult time in my family's life, and I will never be able to repay them enough.

I love y'all!

(p.s. Craving Stassi has been pushed back to October 30th because of all this madness. But it's coming. I promise!) I'll also have wineglasses and Craving Stassi wineglass charms available soon!

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